Business Phone Systems Have Extra Features That Nothing Can Replace

These days, everyone is using smart phones. Smart phones are the device that made life easier for all people. These smart phones are application based and you will get application from Google play store. People, who have their specific business, require a phone number for their business. That business phone number separates your personal calls and business calls. You will have idea which call has to attend at what time. Business phone number is only way that connects to you from your customer directly. Every customer will have any query related to your product and it is your responsibility to solve it immediately. If you want your business at peak point in the market, you must have to upload your business phone number on your webpage.Number of websites or applications is available on the internet that provide you business number easily and without charges. Having business phone number is not a difficult task. You can get business number without any cost. It will be toll free and unique phone number for your all customers. Mighty call is a website that gives you business phone number freely with number of best features. Some on unique feature of mighty call service are here:

  • Customer greeting
  • Port existing number
  • Free talk up to 10000 minutes
  • High quality sound
  • Auto receptionist
  • Voice mail and transcription
  • Toll free
  • Conference calls
  • Call forwarding to any device
  • Multiple extensions
  • Call queues
  • Black list call routing
  • Visual call flow configuration
  • DND status
  • Dynamic task management
  • Call history
  • Call recording
  • Permanent reports
  • No extra hardware needed
  • Use your existing phone
  • Mobile app for both android and iOS
  • Email request
  • Facebook and twitter messages

The number that you have chosen for your business from mighty call service will be active within two minutes. You should have to place this phone number on your website so that customers will call you instantly and your calling feature will activated on your chosen number. This number will be toll free across all over world and very local with number in area code.

Mighty call application is cloud based service that runs perfectly for small business. You will get best customer service support at mighty call center. When your customer calls you, he or she will get greeting message that shows your professional behavior. Many times, there is chance that your number not reachable when someone wants to call. Providing best service to their customers is the main motive of mighty call. Check reviews and all other details before creating customer seller relation with this cloud based service. It may be urgent call or caller will get frustrated. But, mighty call number will always be reachable even if there is no network at your current location.  Automatically, call rules will be set on this number for your business calls. This private number will be private for both incoming and outgoing calls. All your important calls, emails and SMS will be converted into tasks.

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