How To Flip Mp4 Video

If you want to know how to flip mp4 video, then may as well read along. If you own a cell phone or any mobile gadget then you may be enjoying its camcorder features too! Hence, it is not surprising to find people using their phones to take pictures outdoors. After all, cell phones are very handy and many people can’t do away with them even during travels. And they are useful not just as means of communication but to capture precious moments as well.However, there is a tendency of making the wrong shot when you use mobile phones when taking pictures. You may end up having a vertical set up instead of horizontal images that may look very funny. Hence, you need to employ an editing software flip mp4 video. This way, you can improve the appearance of your file. And some software may even help you edit your images naturally as if they were taken the way they appear to be.

If you still don’t have the editing software, the first thing that you must do is to download one. Then copy the file that came from your cell phone on your PC’s hard drive where your editing software was stored. On the window’s menu, choose the “Show Movie Properties”. Once this appears, you will need to click on the visual settings tab shown below the video track column.

To change the image from vertical to horizontal, all you need to do is to click the circular arrow icon. To close the image, just click the small red button on the window’s upper left corner. Lastly, save the file that you have created on the file’s drop down menu. Delete the original file and quit the editing software program.

However, you need to know that editing software may vary from one type to another. Hence, it is imperative that you know how to operate it before you do the purchase.

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