Learning How to Rotate MP4 Video

There’s nothing better than learning new skills and taking advantage of today’s latest technology. And for this reason, it is always nice to be learning how to rotate mp4 video regardless if you are planning to buy this type of editing software or not. And this article was made to realize this purpose.There are many ways to rotate MP4 video. The specific steps to do it depends on the brand of editing software that is being used. But generally, all these editing tools have an album where you can store and manage all the mp4 files that you have imported. This will serve as the sources of videos that will be placed on the timeline of the software when you edit. A button is also provided to make importing as easy as doing a few clicks. However, you also have the option to simply drag the file using the internet explorer to the editing album of the software.

To start rotating the file, you need to fill in the time line with files coming from the user’s album. By double clicking the thumbnails of the MP4 video on the software’s timeline, you will find various rotate options available. You can either rotate the file or flip it. You can rotate an MP4 file in 90 degrees continuously in clockwise direction. You can even do a rotation to as far as 180 to 270 degrees. You can also rotate the file in an opposite direction (counter clockwise). You may also flip the MP4 file in a horizontal or vertical direction.

To finalize the rotation, you need to export it to a specific location. The end product can now be played on your TV, PC or shared to social sites such as Facebook and YouTube. There are 4 tabs that you will choose from when creating the file namely; Format, Device, DVD and YouTube.

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